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Global TESOL for the 21st Century Teaching English in a Changing World

Author: Heath Rose, Mona Syrbe, Anuchaya Montakantiwong, Natsuno Funada | Paperback | 9781788928175

This book explores the impact of the spread of English on language teaching and learning. It provides a framework for change in English language teaching to better reflect global realities and current research.…

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Language Teaching

Edited by: Christina Gkonou, Jean-Marc Dewaele, Jim King | Paperback | 9781788928328

This book focuses on the emotional complexity of language teaching and how the diverse emotions that teachers experience while teaching are shaped and function. The book is based on the premise that teaching is not just about the transmission of academic knowledge but also about inspiring students, building rapport with them, creating re…

Exploring Language Teacher Efficacy in Japan

Author: Gene Thompson | Paperback | 9781788925389

This book examines language teacher efficacy beliefs, focusing on the individual and collective beliefs of Japanese high school teachers. It discusses personal and collective dimensions of language teacher efficacy related to personal second language (L2) capability, instructional L2 efficacy and collective capability towards collaborati…

Translanguaging as Transformation The Collaborative Construction of New Linguistic Realities

Edited by: Emilee Moore, Jessica Bradley, James Simpson | Paperback | 9781788928038

This book examines translanguaging as a resource which can disrupt the privileging of particular voices, and a social practice which enables collaboration within and across groups of people. Addressing the themes of collaboration and transformation, the chapters critically examine how people work together to catalyse change in diverse gl…

Dual Language Bilingual Education Teacher Cases and Perspectives on Large-Scale Implementation

Author: Kathryn I. Henderson, Deborah K. Palmer | Paperback | 9781788928083

This book explores the role of the teacher in dual language bilingual education (DLBE) implementation in a time of nationwide program expansion, in large part due to new and unprecedented top-down initiatives at state and district level. The book provides case studies of DLBE teachers who: (a) implemented the DLBE model with fidelity; (b…

Essays on Conference Interpreting

Author: James Nolan | Paperback | 9781788927987

This book condenses the important lessons learned at key points during the author’s 30-year career as an intergovernmental conference interpreter and trainer, seeking to define what constitutes good interpreting and how to develop the skills and abilities that are conducive to it, as well as fostering practices and technologies tha…

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Industry Award Winners Again!

We have been the proud holders of an ‘Excellence Plus’ Product Data Excellence Award from the Book Industry Communication (BIC) for a few years now (and there are a few previous posts about our journey elsewhere on our blog!). While they may not be the most glamorous of awards to win, and are marked by … Continue reading Industry Award Winners Again!

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