Creating Digital Literacy Spaces for Multilingual Writers

Author: Joel Bloch

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Multilingual Matters
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This book argues for the value of digital literacy in the multilingual writing classroom. Against the background of huge changes in literacy practices prompted by online communication, and a growing acceptance of a broader definition of academic literacy that encompasses multimodality, the book examines the relationship between digital and print literacies and addresses the design of literacy spaces for multilingual classrooms. The author critically evaluates the latest developments in the use of technology in multilingual writing spaces, and focuses on the role of teachers in their design; it also addresses areas that are not often discussed in relation to multilingual students, from blogging to publishing and intellectual property. The book will help teachers meet the challenges created by rapidly shifting technology, as well as making an innovative contribution to research on multilingual writing classrooms.

This well-researched book admirably synthesizes the multifaceted threads of changing conceptions of literacy and awareness of the growing complexity and variety of potential learning spaces into a cohesive narrative. Teachers involved in any aspect of bringing developing technologies and their associated social spaces to bear on teaching a language will enjoy and greatly benefit from this book.

Vance Stevens, Founder and Coordinator of, Malaysia

In Bloch's latest book, he does what he does best: helps us see digital writing spaces in historical and contemporary theoretical perspective, while also walking us through a wealth of pedagogical applications and implications. What we gain is neither a utopian nor a dystopian window on technology-for-literacy purposes but instead a multifaceted realistic view that can inform the decision-making that we, as literacy teachers and users, are almost inevitably faced with in an increasingly digitally-dominant era.

Diane D. Belcher, Georgia State University, USA

Joel Bloch has published widely on academic writing and the use of technology in multilingual writing classrooms, including Plagiarism, Intellectual Property and the Teaching of L2 Writing (Multilingual Matters, 2012).

Chapter 1. Technological Spaces and Teaching and Learning to Write

Chapter 2.  Bringing Students' Voices into the Public Sphere: Blogging in the Debate over Plagiarism and the Use of Intellectual Property

Chapter 3. Multimodality as a Digital Space

Chapter 4. MOOCs as a Digital Literacy Space

Chapter 5. Flipping the Multilingual Composition Classroom

Chapter 6. The Promise of Open Access Journals for L2 Publishing

Chapter 7. Teaching Writing in the Publishing Space

Chapter 8. What We Talk about When We Talk about Digital Literacy Spaces


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