Tourism and Trails: Cultural, Ecological and Management Issues

Author: Dallen J. Timothy, Stephen W. Boyd

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Trails and routes have been indispensable to travel and tourism over the centuries, helping to form the basis of mobility patterns of the past and the present. This book is the first to comprehensively examine these tourism trails from a tourism and recreation perspective. This cutting-edge volume is global in scope and discusses a wide range of natural, cultural and developed linear resources for tourism and recreation. The book is suitable for both researchers and students who are interested in cultural heritage-based tourism, recreation and leisure studies, landscape and change, human mobility, geography, environmental management, and broader interests in destination planning, development and management.

Dallen Timothy and Stephen Boyd seem to be forward-looking scholars in publishing this much needed and useful volume. It is a voluminous literature on the subject, and for the vast basic data the authors must be praised. The best part of the book is its simple narrative. It is useful for students of different grades, graduates, postgraduates and even for career researchers. It is well documented and appropriately illustrated.

Tourism Recreation Research, 2015, Vol. 40, No. 2, 265

A highly innovative text, with wide ranging empirical examples, that takes us on journeys, paths and trails less trodden and which provides a basis for the future study of diverse tourism mobilities as well as being a resource for tourism planners and practitioners.

Kevin Hannam, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

This scholarly book is long overdue and makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the centrality of tourist trails, routes and corridors to the tourist experience. Written in an engaging manner the role of trails, routes and corridors is brought to life with a plethora of photographs, diagrams and case studies. Insights are provided into management and planning as well as their role as facilitators of tourism motilities. This book is a must have for any serious scholar!

Bruce Prideaux, James Cook University, Australia

This book is timely, relevant and highly engaging. The authors have done an excellent job in bringing together seemingly disparate literature on tourism, heritage, trails, and wilderness management under a single fold. The book will be of significant value to students, scholars and general readers interested in the cultural, environmental, social and managerial aspects of touristic trails.

Sanjay K. Nepal, University of Waterloo, Canada

Dallen J. Timothy is Professor of Community Resources and Development and Senior Sustainability Scientist at Arizona State University, USA. His main research areas are trails, heritage, geopolitics and globalization processes.

Stephen W. Boyd is Professor of Tourism, Masters Degree Coordinator and Research Coordinator in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Ulster, UK. His research focuses on trails, heritage, national parks, niche tourism development and post-conflict environments.

Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: Cultural Routes and Heritage Trails 
Chapter 3: Nature Trails and Mixed Routes 
Chapter 4: Demand for Trails and Routes 
Chapter 5: Tourism, Recreation and Trail Impacts 
Chapter 6: Planning and Developing Trails and Routes 
Chapter 7: Managing Trails and Routes 
Chapter 8: Reflections and Futures 

Postgraduate, Research / Professional, Undergraduate
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