Enacting and Envisioning Decolonial Forces while Sustaining Indigenous Language: Bilingual College Students in the Andes

Author: Yuliana Hevelyn Kenfield

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Through the presentation of visual and textual insights, this book chronicles the experiences of Quechuan bilingual college students, who strive to maintain their ethnolinguistic identity while succeeding in Spanish-centric curricula. The book merges decolonial theory and participatory action research in pursuit of mobilizing Indigenous languages such as Quechua and depicts the ways in which these Andean college students deal with limited opportunities for Quechua-Spanish bilingual practices. It provides an overview of their collective efforts to mobilize Quechua in higher education, efforts which will help all who read it understand the maintenance of the Quechua language beginning at the grass-roots level. The author advocates for engaging language researchers in critical collective forces at the core of conditions which promote Quechua in higher education, a collective effort which must reflect decolonial, non-Eurocentric, non-fundamentalist Indigenous concepts in combination with action-oriented cultural wealth for the benefit of minoritized languages and peoples.

Yuliana Hevelyn Kenfield is a Quechua scholar from Cusco, currently in the Department of Education and Leadership at Western Oregon University, USA. Her research interests include participatory educational research and the intersection of race, language, and education in sociolinguistic practices of bilingual communities. She is the editor of the journal Tinkuy and part of the collective Ayllu Multilingue from South America.

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Section 1. Zooming into Context

Chapter 1: Policy Versus Practice

Chapter 2: Participatory Approach in Sociolinguistic Andean Studies

Chapter 3: Andean Research Partners Within the Research Process

Section 2. Decoloniality & Coloniality within Sociolinguistics Ideological Practices

Chapter 4: Challenging Supay

Chapter 5: Spreading Lazos

Chapter 6: Tikarinanpaq: Blooming of Quechua

Section 3. Reaffirming Andean Pedagogies Within a Decolonial Stance

Chapter 7: Andean Pedagogies and Participatory Cultural Humility as Decolonial Praxis

Chapter 8: Towards a Cyclical T'ikarinanpaq



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