Insights into Senior Foreign Language Education

Author: Marek Derenowski

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This book examines the unique characteristics of teaching foreign languages to senior learners. It discusses the potential age-related barriers and learning difficulties which may be encountered in senior foreign language education as well as solutions to overcome these challenges. The author describes the processes of human aging from different perspectives and introduces the concept of lifelong learning. The book proposes classroom practices, activities and materials that may be adopted when working with senior learners which will prove useful to teachers and teacher trainers, as well as to educational policymakers and planners. Furthermore, it describes potential modifications to educational programmes that may be introduced in order to eliminate affective barriers, making the learning material relevant and motivating, and encouraging the use of adult learning strategies.

Marek Derenowski takes us on an interesting and engaging journey into the world of the elderly – in which lifelong learning makes seniors' lives palpably more rewarding. A thorough overview of sources is supplemented by insights into the reality of FL classrooms, seen through the eyes of student seniors and their teachers. The book will be a valuable addition to the small yet significant body of literature on third age FL learners.

Danuta Gabryś-Barker, University of Silesia, Poland

This book offers a thorough review of the slowly growing literature on foreign language (FL) geragogy, and deeper scrutiny of learners' and teachers' motivations and beliefs. Above all, it advances the notion that FL learning may be undertaken at any point in life, and it commits to the idea that FL educators should approach older adult learning in an evidence-based and constructive fashion as a general practice.

Danya Ramírez Gómez, author of Language Teaching and the Older Adult

This fascinating book presents interdisciplinary views of aging; international efforts for lifelong learning; possible transformations in minds, hearts, and society because of senior-oriented second language learning; practical guidelines; and voices from teachers and senior language learners. Like me, other researchers, teacher trainers, or educators will treasure this book.

Rebecca L. Oxford, Professor Emerita, University of Maryland, USA

Marek Derenowski is a Professor at the State University of Applied Sciences in Konin and in the English Language Department at Adam Mickiewicz University, Kalisz, Poland. He has over 20 years of experience working as a teacher trainer and methodology teacher from primary schools up to university. His research interests include senior language education, intercultural competence, pre-service teacher training, teacher autonomy and language learning strategies.

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Chapter 1. Interdisciplinary Approach to Aging

Chapter 2. Lifelong Learning in a Contemporary Society

Chapter 3. Senior Language Learning

Chapter 4. Voices form the Classroom

Chapter 5. Conclusions and Modest Suggestions for Further Research


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