New Perspectives on Language and Education (Vols 1-20)

Edited by: Viv Edwards, Phan Le Ha

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Multilingual Matters
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Two decades of research and development in language and literacy education have yielded a broad, multidisciplinary focus. Yet education systems face constant economic and technological change, with attendant issues of identity and power, community and culture. This series features critical and interpretive, disciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives on teaching and learning, language and literacy in new times. This set contains the first 20 volumes of the series. This collection is available by special order only. Please email for order queries.

NPLE 20 A Tale of Two Schools ISBN 978-1-84769-310-5
NPLE 19 European Vernacular Literacy ISBN 978-1-84769-292-4
NPLE 18 Sociolinguistics and Language Education ISBN 978-1-84769-283-2
NPLE 17 Testing the Untestable in Language Education ISBN 978-1-84769-266-5
NPLE 16 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms ISBN 978-1-84769-217-7
NPLE 15 The Meaning Makers ISBN 978-1-84769-199-6
NPLE 14 Spanish as an International Language ISBN 978-1-84769-172-9
NPLE 13 The Politics of Language Education ISBN 978-1-84769-143-9
NPLE 12 The Languages of Africa and the Diaspora ISBN 978-1-84769-134-7
NPLE 11 English as an International Language ISBN 978-1-84769-121-7
NPLE 10 Creating Classroom Communities of Learning ISBN 978-1-84769-113-2
NPLE 9 Heavenly Readings ISBN 978-1-84769-093-7
NPLE 8 Language Teacher Identities ISBN 978-1-84769-082-1
NPLE 7 Teaching English as an International Language ISBN 978-1-84769-049-4
NPLE 6 Social Actions for Classroom Language Learning ISBN 978-1-84769-026-5
NPLE 5 Social Context and Fluency in L2 Learners ISBN 978-1-85359-995-8
NPLE 4 Travel Notes from the New Literacy Studies ISBN 978-1-85359-862-3
NPLE 3 Decolonisation, Globalisation ISBN 978-1-85359-825-8
NPLE 2 Ebonics ISBN 978-1-85359-797-8
NPLE 1 Distance Education and Languages ISBN 978-1-85359-776-3

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