New Perspectives on Language and Education (Vols 81-90)

Edited by: Phan Le Ha, Joel Austin Windle

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Multilingual Matters
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Two decades of research and development in language and literacy education have yielded a broad, multidisciplinary focus. Yet education systems face constant economic and technological change, with attendant issues of identity and power, community and culture. This series features critical and interpretive, disciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives on teaching and learning, language and literacy in new times. This set contains volumes 81-90. This collection is available by special order only. Please email for order queries.

NPLE 81: Global TESOL for the 21st Century: Teaching English in a Changing World 9781788928182

NPLE 82: Making Language Visible in the University: English for Academic Purposes and Internationalisation 9781788929295

NPLE 83: Peacebuilding in Language Education: Innovations in Theory and Practice 9781788929790

NPLE 84: Assessing Academic Literacy in a Multilingual Society: Transition and Transformation 9781788926201

NPLE 85: Multilingual Literacy 9781800410695

NPLE 86: Creating Digital Literacy Spaces for Multilingual Writers 9781800410794

NPLE 87: Open Education and Second Language Learning and Teaching: The Rise of a New Knowledge Ecology 9781800410992

NPLE 88: The Performance of Multilingual and 'Ultralingual' Devotional Practices by Young British Muslims 9781800411371

NPLE 89: Language Learning in Study Abroad: The Multilingual Turn 9781800411333

NPLE 90: Sociocultural and Power-Relational Dimensions of Multilingual Writing: Recommendations for Deindustrializing Writing Education 9781788927802

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