Transmodal Communications: Transpositioning Semiotics and Relations

Edited by: Margaret R. Hawkins

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Multilingual Matters
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This book uses Global StoryBridges, a project which brings together young people learning English in low-income or under-resourced communities through the producing and sharing of stories about their lives and localities, to examine semiotics and meaning-making in transmodal communications. Through the lens of transpositioning – the multiple and interwoven layers of positioning that are entailed in communications which cross and transcend the boundaries which have historically shaped our thinking about the world and its inhabitants – the chapters interrogate how communication shapes identities, belongings and the relationships it forges, with particular attention paid to issues of equity and social justice. The chapter authors also address methodological issues in researching transglobal transmodal communication.

Margaret R. Hawkins is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Her work on Global StoryBridges has won awards from the American Educational Research Association and the International Literacy Association.

Chapter 1. Margaret R. Hawkins: Global Storybridges: Being and Becoming

Chapter 2. Emilee Moore, Claudia Vallejo, Júlia Llompart & Miaomiao Zhang: Building Scalar Frames of Understandability in 'Trans' Practices within a Catalan Global Storybridges Site

Chapter 3. Anneliese Cannon & Sarah J. Turner: Cosmopolitan Aims/ Cosmopolitan Realities: How Immigrant Youth Negotiate Languaging and Identity in One After School Program

Chapter 4. Li Wei & Jiayu Feng: A Place-Based Critical Transmodal Analysis of Chinese Youth's Digital Storytelling

Chapter 5. Willy Ngaka: Navigating Transnational Transmodal Terrain: Perspectives from Ugandan Lugbara Youth

Chapter 6. Gordon B. West, Bingjie Zheng & Trang D.Tran: Youth Transmodally Indexing Social Discourses: A Vietnam Video Narrative Analysis

Chapter 7. Sara J. Goldberg & Sarah Nazziwa: Critical Cosmopolitanism and Sustainable Education: Primary Educator Perspectives from Uganda and The United States

Chapter 8. Mario E. Lopez-Gopar, Vilma Huerta Cordova, William M. Sughrua & Edwin N. Leon Jimenez: Developing Decolonizing Pedagogies with Mexican Pre-Service "English" Teachers

Chapter 9. Patricia Ratanapraphart, Lisa Velarde, Nikhil M. Tiwari & Suman Barua: Positionality Revisited: A Critical Examination of Meaning-Making and Collaboration in a Transnational Research Team

Chapter 10. Li Wei: Coda

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