Inspection/Desk Copies

Channel View Publications/Multilingual Matters offers an inspection copy service on books on this website.

- This service is ONLY for lecturers who recommend books to their students.
- For textbooks, we offer a print or ebook. For other titles, we provide an ebook for inspection purposes and can send a print copy once details of the adoption are provided.
- In the case of ebooks, you will be given 30 days to review the text. After this time your access to the ebook will end. Should you wish to adopt the book please contact us to request a print copy or extend the access to the ebook for the duration of the course. 
- If you wish to adopt the book for your course you will be asked to provide details of the adoption.
- A maximum of three titles may be supplied at any one time.

 [Channel View Publications/Multilingual Matters reserves the right to refuse unsuitable requests.]

Please send me a copy of the following book(s) as an inspection/desk copy for possible adoption as a class text.