Bilingual Education and Bilingualism

Series Editors:
Nancy H. Hornberger (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Wayne E. Wright (Purdue University, USA)

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Bilingual Education and Bilingualism is an international, multidisciplinary series publishing research on the philosophy, politics, policy, provision and practice of language planning, Indigenous and minority language education, multilingualism, multiculturalism, biliteracy, bilingualism and bilingual education. The series aims to mirror current debates and discussions. New proposals for single-authored, multiple-authored, or edited books in the series are warmly welcomed, in any of the following categories or others authors may propose: overview or introductory texts; course readers or general reference texts; focus books on particular multilingual education program types; school-based case studies; national case studies; collected cases with a clear programmatic or conceptual theme; and professional education manuals.
All books in this series are externally peer-reviewed.
Proposals should be submitted to Laura Longworth. Please read our notes about how to submit a book proposal.

You can also see our blog post about the history of the Bilingual Education and Bilingualism series.

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Jacket Image For: Pedagogical Translanguaging

Pedagogical Translanguaging

Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical Perspectives

Jacket Image For: (M)othering Labeled Children

(M)othering Labeled Children

Bilingualism and Disability in the Lives of Latinx Mothers

Jacket Image For: A History of Bilingual Education in the US

A History of Bilingual Education in the US

Examining the Politics of Language Policymaking

Jacket Image For: Educating Adolescent Newcomers in the Superdiverse Midwest

Educating Adolescent Newcomers in the Superdiverse Midwest

Multilingual Students in English-centric Contexts

Jacket Image For: Bilingualism for All?

Bilingualism for All?

Raciolinguistic Perspectives on Dual Language Education in the United States

Jacket Image For: The Multilingual Adolescent Experience

The Multilingual Adolescent Experience

Small Stories of Integration and Socialization by Polish Families in Ireland

Jacket Image For: Dual Language Bilingual Education

Dual Language Bilingual Education

Teacher Cases and Perspectives on Large-Scale Implementation

Jacket Image For: Learning and Not Learning in the Heritage Language Classroom

Learning and Not Learning in the Heritage Language Classroom

Engaging Mexican-Origin Students

Jacket Image For: The Coral Way Bilingual Program

The Coral Way Bilingual Program

Jacket Image For: Immersion Education

Immersion Education

Lessons from a Minority Language Context