Studies in Knowledge Production and Participation

Series Editors:
Mary Jane Curry (University of Rochester, USA)
Theresa Lillis (Open University, UK)

Questions about the relationships among language and other semiotic resources (such as image, film/video, sound) and knowledge production, participation, and distribution are increasingly coming to the fore in the context of debates about globalisation, multilingualism, and new technologies. Much of the existing work published on knowledge production has focused on formal academic/scientific knowledge; this knowledge is beginning to be produced and communicated via a much wider range of genres, modes, and media including, for example, blogs, wikis, and Twitter feeds, which have created new ways of producing and communicating knowledge, as well as opening up new ways of participating. Fast-moving shifts in these domains prompt the need for this series which aims to explore facets of knowledge production including: what is counted as knowledge, how it is recognized and rewarded, and who has access to producing, distributing, and using knowledge(s). One of the key aims of the series is to include work by scholars located outside the ‘center’, and to include work written in innovative styles and formats.

All books in this series are externally peer-reviewed.

Proposals for the series are welcome and should be submitted to Anna Roderick. Please read our notes about how to submit a book proposal.

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Jacket Image For: Grassroots Literacy and the Written Record

Grassroots Literacy and the Written Record

A Textual History of Asbestos Activism in South Africa

Jacket Image For: Global Academic Publishing

Global Academic Publishing

Policies, Perspectives and Pedagogies