The Future of Tourism

Series Editors:
Ian Yeoman and Una McMahon-Beattie

Some would say that the only certainties are birth and death; everything else that happens in between is uncertain. Uncertainty stems from risk, a lack of understanding or a lack of familiarity. Whether it is political instability, autonomous transport, hypersonic travel or peak oil, the future of tourism is full of uncertainty but it can be explained or imagined through trend analysis, economic forecasting or scenario planning.

This new book series, The Future of Tourism, sets out to address the challenges and unexplained futures of tourism, events and hospitality. By addressing the big questions of change, examining new theories and frameworks or critical issues pertaining to research or industry, the series will stretch your understanding and generate dialogue about the future. By adopting a multidisciplinary perspective, be it through science fiction or computer-generated equilibrium modelling of tourism economies, the series will explain and structure the future – to help researchers, managers and students understand how futures could occur. The series welcomes proposals on emerging trends and critical issues across the tourism industry and research. All proposals must emphasise the future and be embedded in research.

All books in this series are externally peer-reviewed.

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Jacket Image For: Wildlife Tourism Futures

Wildlife Tourism Futures

Encounters with Wild, Captive and Artificial Animals

Jacket Image For: Sustainable Space Tourism

Sustainable Space Tourism

An Introduction

Jacket Image For: The Future Past of Tourism

The Future Past of Tourism

Historical Perspectives and Future Evolutions

Jacket Image For: The Future of Airbnb and the 'Sharing Economy'

The Future of Airbnb and the 'Sharing Economy'

The Collaborative Consumption of our Cities